“I have a Dream that One Day…”

By  David Bryan

1. “I have a dream that one day” the beautiful children whose lives were cut short in the halls of innocence in Columbine, Newtown Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas High School and all others will always be the angels of our faith leading us on through the foot paths of inspiration to do more too protect the living; whilst celebrating how they lived and not dwelling on how they tragically lost their precious lives.

2.“I have a dream that one day little boys and little girls” and teenage children no longer will have to go to school under the cloud of anxiety and fear of constant threats to their lives that they can die in the classrooms, in the corridors and in the cafeterias.

3.“ I have a dream that one day” the schools across America will just be as safe as any other school in Israel, in the United Kingdom, in Canada, in Australia, in France and in Germany; just as safe as any airport; just as safe as any state legislature.

4.“ I have a dream that one day” sensible and practical gun safety laws will be passed soon in every State in the USA.

5. “I have a dream that one day” stricter background checks, raising the age limits and ‘red-flag laws’ will be seen as a means to an end and not end the means of gun safety.

6.“I have a dream that one day” that the gun lobby groups will no longer have the keys to the doors of Congress and the pockets of politicians and that the locks will hereafter be forever changed to open the doors of gun justice in the country.

7.“I have a dream that one day” the duly elected representatives of Congress both in the House and in the Senate will vote with their conscience of righteousness and pass bipartisan gun safety legislation thereby reducing violence by the gun and gun by violence in the neighbourhoods, in the cities, in the towns and in the capitals.

8.“I have a dream that one day” that citizens of all walks of life will see gun safety not as an erosion of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms under the Constitution but to embrace and equate it with the inalienable right to protect life guaranteed under the Constitution.

9.“I have a dream that one day” money is no longer used as the weapon of choice by gun lobbyist to stop Congress from voting against banning the real gun of choice; the assault weapon.

10.“I have a dream that one day” that on March 24, 2018, the March For Our Lives will be a Million strong march not only for kids, but for parents, relatives, friends of victims of gun violence; the young and the old; black and white; Hispanic and Asian; ‘Jew, Arab, Gentile, Christian, Evangelical, Protestant and Catholic’; Muslim and Hindu; for all people of and for gun safety and against gun violence, to tell the leaders of this great nation under God, as Jesus cried “It is finished”. No longer will we sing the tune of inaction; but action; is and will be the only sound that must be heard. To safeguard the lives of future generations; to protect the wealth in our children and the treasure of their lives so that ‘We the People’ will utter and advance in one voice: Not Retreating Anymore; Not Retreating Anymore, until the scourge of mass shooting is wiped out from these United States of America.

11.“ I have a dream that one day”.


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