“Syrian army assault leaves bodies strewn in Aleppo streets”

“Government-aligned forces continue to advance on rebel-held districts”

The above headline was taken directly from the online newspaper http://www.timesofisrael.com on November 30th, 2016.
Whilst it appears that as the war intensifies, the state of flux has engulfed the general body that has been mandated to end wars and conflicts.
Enter: The United Nations General Assembly who upon the observance of the Day of International Solidarity with Palestine were able to ceremoniously pass six (6) Resolutions against Israel in one sitting! A nation who has always held out itself to enjoin any deliberation dealing with issues of peace and the two state solution between itself and Palestine.
But, this is not the topic of discussion that holds this author’s attention but the credulity in which the general body of the United Nations are able to come together and accomplish so easily, their collective stance on voting for what they perceive as right.
The importance of the peace process cannot be under stated, but as this debate continues, the question is asked has over 300,000 civilians lost their lives during this issue between Israel and Palestine during the last five years? Why isn’t the same fervour and commitment been taken up by this “league of nations”?
Since, it was also reported on the same day and in the same issue of thetimesofisrael.com that Mr. Peter Thomson of Fiji; the President of the UNGA of the 71st session showed his support to Palestine by “Donning Palestinian flag, UNGA president marks Palestinian solidarity day”

So my logical question is, will he wear the Syrian flag and engage the General Assembly body in six (6) resolutions calling for the end of the Syrian war in (yes) Syria.
As this author read the excerpts of his speech concerning “Israel and Palestine”, one could have easily substituted them for the words “Syrian government” and the “Syrian people” in order to achieve the same result. For ease of reference here are the following extracts from Mr. Thomson’s speech:

“Donning the colours of the [Syrian] flag as well as [the colours]… with [Syrians], Peter Thomson of Fiji, the president of the 71st Session of the General Assembly, said peace between [the Syrian government] and the [Syrian people] was “fundamental to our efforts to realize the inalienable rights of the [Syrian] people, and to ensure that they are able to enjoy lives of dignity, opportunity, prosperity, and equality.”
“However, the pursuit of peace has been mired by continuing terror attacks against civilians, and brutal acts of violence by both sides,”

“Thomson urged “[Syrians and the Syrian government] to descale tensions to refrain from violence and provocations, and to avoid incitement, and polarizing rhetoric that pushes peace further out of reach”.

He also issued a call to the international community” to redouble its efforts to support credible efforts to peacefully end the [Syrian conflict].

Finally, the UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson put it this way:

“To [the Syrian Government and people], I say: “We recognise your legitimate grievances and the grave injustices you have faced, but nothing justifies terror, violence and incitement. And unity among [Syrians] must be restored,”. He said.

One must look forward to the day as with Israel and Palestine; when the only thing that separates the Syrian government and the Syrian people are issues of peace on how it is to evolve and not barrel bombs, death of children and adults, destruction of buildings, hospitals, schools, the complete lack of critical social and humanitarian services and the respect for international conventions on chemical weapons.

It is hoped that true solidarity of the Syrian people cries’ for help from this world body will cease to go unheeded; that the [UN] will stand up for justice on behalf of the Syrian people who daily are at risk of not seeing the sun rise tomorrow or have the liberty to enjoy the basic human rights and freedoms afforded to all free men and women in a democratic country.