Whither Russia and the I.A.A.F: Equitable decisions must be arrived at Equitably.

By David Bryan

Laws are formulated to protect individuals in society and not to restrict the freedom of any one person or group of persons from enjoying their fundamental rights and principles enshrined in the rule of law and natural justice- from the Ten Commandments to the Magna Carta.
Therefore, Moral codes and laws have been enacted to prohibit certain illegal acts such as; ‘Do not steal’; Do not murder’, but until such acts are committed ‘clean citizens’ cannot be found guilty and then be proven innocent. This is against the foundational democratic tenets of the right to fairness and reasonableness.

Equitable decisions must be equitable. Thus, for instance; Russia must have a “strong and effective anti-doping infrastructure capable of detecting and deterring” athletes cannot be created in 7 months after decades of systematic cheating and widespread doping at all levels. It is unreasonable to have such a dramatic change within such a short space of time.
This author has no brief for Russia, but, will not be complicit in a decision by the IAAF which has ousted the rights and fettered the legitimate expectation of ‘clean’ track and field athletes to take part in the Rio Olympic Games.
This ruling seeks to punish those ‘clean Russians’ who have not even run one race but arrogating their testing ‘positive’ for doping before the fact. The IAAF in the circumstances may have overstepped its authority and jurisdiction by painting the entire track and field of the Russian Olympic team with the same conclusion; by starting with a false premise: that all Russian Track participants are ‘dirty’.
Until such evidence is proven after the running of the races by the ‘clean’ Russian Athletes; the same holds true for everyone: “innocent until proven guilty”.


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