Societies Must never get Immune to the Brutal Loss of Life

“ When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice: but when the wicked bears rule, the people mournProverbs 29: 2 –King James Bible

 When those in power cease to become outrage and adopt a nonchalant attitude to the political assassinations of its elected officials, who had courageously taken a stand against the corruption within their community; one must question the motives as to what is the purpose of political life, and leadership? How is that leadership fighting for the safety and the security of their fellow brethren?

No doubt, the bravery of Mayor Gisela Mota must be remembered in Temixco, Mexico. But, the brazen murder, by those who feared her because of her vow to stamp out corruption, cannot be forgotten. Those like her and those who have gone before her, hundreds, if not, thousands of electoral candidates and officials-including the death of other Mayors- must be afforded greater protection by the government of Mexico.

It is indeed unacceptable, that death is the norm during an electoral process, and democratic elected officials are unsure whether they are going to return home after they arrived at work. For Mayor Mota, to be gunned down after 24 hours of being voted in by her constituents, constitutes the highest form of demagoguery against the will of the people.

This form of ‘criminal vigilantism’ should be condemned by the President of Mexico not only in words but in deeds. Nothing short of extreme actions is required for this dire predicament in order to return the state to a level of normalcy. The chronic, widespread violence facing such cities in Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras against the political establishment in the form of some sort of daily gun target practice- calls for the vehement crack-down of these gangs.

Denial of the truth and facts of circumstances will not cover-up a lie. The situation in Mexico for the most part is bordering on a broader national security issue which has to be urgently addressed for the elected officially, for those seeking office and for the citizens’ future in Mexico.



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