Strong Diplomacy will end Wars: Weak Attempts for Peace will Continue Conflicts!

It is difficult for most to imagine the sheer hardship, devastation, suffering, the personal, physical, mental and emotional strain placed on populations; whether individually or as family as a direct result of the ravages of war.

Most individuals take for granted their access to basic humanitarian necessities of everyday life experiences: food, water, shelter, medical amenities, transportation, jobs and education-to just name a few. But for war torn states, the reality is, it is hard for persons to ignore the true extent of the death, discomfort, inconvenience, the lack of building infrastructure, hunger, disease, poverty, affliction and oppression.

Inexperience does not make a strong compelling case to continue wars, diplomacy and the drive to succeed in finding the solutions that work towards a feasible peace process does. The geo-political wars dominating the countries of Yemen, Libya and Syria respectively are the prime examples that war is not fought in the abstract. War is real; and so too should be cease-fires which set about the engines for the advancement of peace.

Genuine peace brings genuine peace. Peace sown in discord, mistrust, betrayal, un-forgiveness, resentment, bitterness, anger will bring only more war. Parties to the peace process must strive to find the real common ground of the heart to ‘truth and reconciliation’ in order to move towards the objective for a workable plan of peace.

There has to be a point where men honour the Agreements they have signed and put aside their differences in order to invoke the larger perspective. Agreements which do not respect the integrity of the process, makes a mockery of the system and the people who are looking to their leaders for practical solutions.

Finally, peace will always bring prosperity in one form or another. Let it be that 2016 marked the year where peace is not elusive, but accords are signed and honoured in the spirit of humanity; so as to move onward to the next phase-where the actual re-construction of the landscape for these nations begin.





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