It is laudable the recent efforts yesterday by the international community of nations to open diplomatic talks in charting a way forward for the most important priority: ending the civil war in Syria and secondly determining the people of Syria vote for a democratic elected government vis-à-vis which individual will be the President of Syria.

It is difficult to argue whether those elections would be free and or fair, but one can be certain that if 2011 is anything to go by, the people of Syria had already decided President Assad’s legitimacy as the titular head. No small wonder how in 2015, Syria finds itself in this terrible situation since Assad refused to acknowledge the voice of the people and started his violent crack-down on his own: 250,000 dead, 13 million displaced out of a population of almost over 20 million; the rise of IS/ISIL; the ‘rebels’ opposing Assad and the government; the international coalition led by the USA air-raids against the terrorist and Russia and Iran joining in the fray to support their ally Mr. Assad.

So, the question has to be asked how did Syria get here? If the answer is truthful as the bombing of the Syrian people by their President, then how can one say President Assad has the legitimacy to continue in office as the people’s President in a new Syrian government? It will be and continue to be a difficult obstacle to overcome, but even the biggest ‘mountains’ have been moved to make way for ‘smooth’ highways.

It has to be stated, indeed the focus should be on the suffering and anguish of the Syrian people but the world’s eyes cannot be taken off Assad, the one man who brought almost total destruction to the fabric of the Syrian society.

It is incumbent therefore, that the invited guest to the meeting attended, but the Landlord and Tenant must also be present to determine the building of peace between them, so that any future talks conceive a plan for the birth of a wholly new Syrian government.

House of Saud

It is written “a man’s enemies are from within his own household”; but it is also written “a house divided against itself will not stand”. Let there be reconciliation and appeasement to settle the differences in the House of Saud.

For if ever there was a time, the world demands a unified and unanimous ruler out of the House of Saud is now. The Yemen crisis, the instability of the Middle-East, the global oil economy requires a steady hand, not a nervous one to unbalance the global economy.

The responsibility in the Yemen war by Saudi Arabia is to ensure that the war with the Houthis come to an end and restore peace in that nation. A re-doubling of efforts has to be attempted to find middle ground in seeking peace with the rebels for the good of the Yemeni people.

It has been said before; war without end is a massacre.


The global economic outlook and chief business cycles’ indicators indicate a strong possibility, and compelling arguments in favor, of the Federal Reserve pursuing a policy of raising interest rates in December.



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