Asylum Seekers:Seeking Shelter in Europe

The point is this: The slamming shut of the EU borders in the face of helpless asylum seekers will not close the desire,ambition, drive, tenacity, aggressiveness and sheer will power of the migrants in their unbridled quest towards their promise land of freedom in Europe. The exodus of the refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan will not be reduced, but intensify.

The reality is this: the continued failure to reach a consensus among EU leaders will translate to further structural institutional operational deficiencies in delivering the requisite humanitarian relief to the migrants already through the gate in Europe.The winter will be punishing and pose severe obstacles on a number of fronts if further in- action persist; namely death from hypothermia,frost bite, pneumonia, flu as a result of inadequate clothing and shelter.

The policy and strategy has now to be re-thought given the change in weather- the refugees may have to be housed in ‘ large mega tents’ or movable make-shift housing away from the elements.

The systematic refusal of those countries to accept on compassionate grounds refugees-regardless of the red-herring excuse of mandatory quotas- is wholly unreasonable and undemocratic to other member states.

The undignified manner in which some migrants are kept and treated in deplorable conditions or the lack thereof of any shelters at certain border crossing should be a good enough reason to compel other countries to lend their assistance. The denial that other EU countries should bear no responsibility whatsoever runs counter to the central tenets of the European project, justice and basic human rights of the Asylum seeker under EU law.

How can one keep young children, pregnant women,the sick, old and young- under the watchful supervision of the authorities- in the cold and torrential downpour of rain? How can migrants be ‘lawfully’ and compulsorily deprive of their money after being detained and in some cases without proper legal representation for days weeks and months? One has to remember not to “mistreat an alien or oppress him”.

Border gates are now emotionally charged atmospheres where dreams are expected to be materialized and not be broken. It is about life and no option of returning to death. The closing of borders and the erecting of fences is a temporary solution for individual states but a peg of division between European nations and not among the migrants.

Particular attention therefore has to be paid to : firstly on those who are being mobilized to start their trek, secondly those en-route and thirdly those who arrive at the European gate. Two and three cannot be dealt with as one.

Since it becomes extremely problematic when the asylum seeker is at the high gate of liberty only to hear that “the inn is full”. To greet a victim of war with a policy of barring entry is ignoring the brave struggles they endured in order to evade death, internal conflict, great personal endeavors over sea, land and journey.

This flat-out denial leads only to undermine the  migrant’s confidence to reach his or her destination of faith for a new beginning in life.Such rejection again from closed border-crossings solidifies the cycle of hopelessness and frustration if there is no plan on the re-opening and or opening of the European doors.

It is incumbent the EU as one assert a more influential role in the bringing an end to the conflict in Syria so as to reduce the migrants under manageable numbers.





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