The United Nations is the umbrella body which has many parts: one of those important organs of this body is UNESCO. An organization which has always been, at the forefront, in setting gold standards for excellence as it relates to cultural heritage sites throughout the world.

The brazen attempt, therefore, to change the status quo, by this draft resolution, at such a time as this – by defining the Western Wall in Israel to be part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is perplexing. This organization is well known for priding itself in spending years of deliberation, pouring over thousands upon thousands of hours of research data before making major decisions which would lead to their much sought after UNESCO designations.

The decision to hastily conclude a vote upon such a major decision without prior and proper consultations with the very people it would affect is an affront to the principles of a not only of fair hearings but those of natural justice.

In addition, primarily, one must consider the highly volatile tinder-box situation between Israel and Palestine right now in geo-political affairs, which would render such a decision to vote on this draft resolution: irresponsible, since it would lead to further escalation and loss of human life.

UN agencies’, as far as one is aware, obligations must facilitate the attributes of peace-making and not decisions which would lead to further aggression within nations. There can be no doubt, this UNESCO vote must be delayed, postponed and or abandoned sine die, or until currently there is no longer feuding between the parties.



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