Open Secrets: The Road in Damascus

by David Bryan

It has begun. It is an open secret. President Putin strikes back; one for Ukraine; one for sanctions and one for President Assad. The temperature within the Middle-East was raised with Russia carrying out its first military airstrike in Syria against anti-Assad forces yesterday. Sadly there is no distinction between the rebel forces and or the ISIS for the Russian military.

This development has to be carefully monitored by first and foremost the Arab League, who have to question ; who is benefiting from Russian airstrikes and why now? What is the strategic importance of Russian military build-up in Syria? Is Syria or any other Arab nation the next Crimea? Can Mr. Putin be taken at face-value for his reasoning in his military intervention in Russia?

Answers usually lead to right action- there needs to be genuine concern not fear for what is taking place within the regional space.

Equally, the State of Israel must observe closely the recent developments  in Syria; especially the “new alliance” between Russia. Iran and Syria- Israel has to remain alert for any eventuality more so because of the proximity and “expect the unexpected”.

The escalating tensions on the Temple Mount between Palestinians and Israelis security forces together with rocket fire from Gaza point to the same destabilizing forces bent on inciting violence against the Jewish nation.

Israel must stay the course;preserve the status quo as adumbrated by Prime Minister Netanyahu; and give no quarter to the divisive elements  who are determined to invoke a reason to start an unnecessary confrontation.

The illegal actions of a few; will not be to the detriment of the many:fire-bombs and rocket throwing; the disruption of the peaceful civilian life has to be dealt within the four corners of the law.

Consequently, it is with great disappointment that President Abbas has repeatedly refrained from actively seeking to find a peaceful solution to the conflicts on the Temple Mount. Rather. he has used his position as leader to call for continued conflict between Palestinians and Israelis; instead of ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in Jerusalem.

His remarks at the UN has not gone unnoticed; to negligently admit that he would refuse to recognize the OSLO Agreements and turn the keys over to Israel is really an indictment on his tenure as President of the Palestine Authority. Mr. Abbas has really acknowledge his failings as President of the PA and in effect signal his departure from that position.

More over, again address the primary concern of this article-the movement and build-up of Russian military assets to Syria via the Mediterranean region must be of  interest to President Obama and the 62 international coalition partners in the Middle-East given the intent of the Russian President’s ulterior motives.

It is always difficult for the media to avoid sensationalism; suffice to say this has little to do with Putin “outmaneuvering” President Obama and the mentioned 62 coalition partners and everything about Assad losing if Russia fails in its unique task of prolonging Assad in power in a united post Syria.

It must be remembered in this war in Syria when ever there are “maneuvers” it is people who lose their lives and people who run for their lives to countries within Europe.



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